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Data Backup

Data Backup

The first step of any data backup is to backup all data from the machine to an external storage device or cloud provider. The level of backup here can differ depending on the need — ie) full computer image, or full computer backup. Speak with a Techylogic technician to find what is the right choice for you!


Full Computer Image
A full computer image backs up not only the files on the computer, but also all installed applications. This is the most complete backup method, however it will require additional storage.


Full File Backup
In a full file backup, all of your personal documents, pictures, or any other files will all be backed up to an external locaiton. This backup does NOT include applications.

Proactive Reoccurring Backups

So your computer is now backed up, great! That covers all of your data that was on your machine from before you were backed up, but what about all of the new data you will create or download in the future? This is where proactive recoccurring backups are important. Setting up an efficient reoccurring backup that ensure all of the proper pieces of information are backed up can be difficult, so we highly recommend speaking with one of our trained technicians to assist you.

This service is part of our Premier Backup solution.

Backup Restoration
What good are backups if you can’t restore the files you are backing up? Techylogic is able to dig into each backup and extract the files that you need most. Even if it is a file you didn’t lose but had only deleted some information from, Techylogic is able to retrieve even previous file revisions for up to 14 days back. Can your backup solution do that?

Virus Removal

Free Virus Scan
Techylogic performs thorough deep scans on all hard drives in your machine (and any externals if they were connected) to determine the infection level of your computer. Once scans have completed, the results are reviewed with you so we can come up with the best plan of action to get you back on your feet.
In Depth Virus Removal

Techylogic ALWAYS recommends having a full backup completed before any work is done on the machine since a virus may have infected your personal files and therefore leaves personal data susceptible to loss. Keeping your personal data safe is the first concern in any repair, so if you deny the backup service, we are trusting you have something in place in the event of data loss.

Virus Removal
Using several industry standard and proven technologies we perform thorough removals on all hard drives leaving no trace of the infections that had previously been found

Clean Up
Infections often hijack your browser and personal settings. Techylogic takes special care to make sure all browsers and all other applications have been thoroughly cleaned to remove any trace of fraudulent and/or malicious entries.

Password Changes
When a virus has successfully infecterd your computer, more than just the local files to that machine that we clean could be at risk. For this purpose we always recommend that you change all passwords to your internet accounts — especially but not limited to banking accounts, email accounts, billing websites of any kind, and any online shopping accounts (amazon etc).
Proactive Virus Protection

Once the virus is removed the next step is preventing another one from getting in! Techylogic will install multiple fail safes to be sure your computer is at the maximum level of protection possible**.

**Please note that even with all of the best tools installed to prevent viruses, at the end of the day it is possible for an infection to get in. With the tools we use it is highly unlikely, but any small chance still means we have to give this disclaimer. At the end of the day, the most vulnerable point to your personal computer/data is actually social engineering. Be very careful when giving information over the phone, and especially over a computer. You never know who is on the other end of the line, so give Techylogic a call or come in and we can help you determine if you are safe or not. Good luck out there!

Computer Upgrades

Free Evaluation
Upgrading your computer is not always the best option depending on age, the components inside the computer, and the state of the hardware. To be sure your money is spent wiseley, we will first evaluate your machine to determine the best path for you to get up to speed. Sometimes that is an upgrade like RAM or a new hard drive, but sometimes it’s just a better idea to put that toward a new computer. Our team of professionals will help you find the right answer!
Installation / Configuration

If we have determined it’s worth upgrading your machine, then we get started! It’s improtant when installing new hardware or software to not just get it installed, but also configure everything to make sure it is working optimaly. Using the right drivers, the right settings, the right software, and ensuring your machine meets the requirements for the upgrade all ensure a smooth experience.

After every upgrade our techinicians run your machine through a series of tests to ensure functionality before returning the computer to you.

Custom Build


The first step in any custom build is to figure out what you need this machine to do! Are you a gamer? A professional? A video/photo editor? All of these things? We take every one of these into account before specing and building your machine. You will be surprised to find out the gear you do or do not need depending on your end goal.

With hundreds and sometimes thousands of options between CPUs, RAM, hard drives, power supplies, and video cards, it’s easy to make the wrong choices and not achieve what you wanted to out of your new machine. You can put those fears to rest with Techylogic’s custom build program. We can’t wait for you to see and feel the difference!

Using the information from the consultation we get to work specing the perfect computer for you. We use our years of experience to find the perfect balance between performance, brands, and cost to get you the best possible machine to meet and exceed your expectations.
Once all parts have arrived we get to work! Your new computer will be assembled with care and an attention to detail for a polished and clean look. Come check out our shop to see several examples of our work — we promise you’ll be impressed!

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