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Home Networking

New Home Network Setup

If you don’t currently have your home network setup, this is where you want to start! Setting up a new home network that will run quickly and securely isn’t just as easy as picking up an expensive router off the shelf and following a step-by-step guide in the box. Sure you’ll probably get it running, but you won’t be getting the most out of your network or the money you’ve spent. “One size fits all” is rarely the case for anything, and a home network is no exception. We will discuss your needs and make recommendations based on the size of your home, the number and types of devices you have, and find out how you use all of those devices to find the perfect fit. 

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Wifi Optimization

Wifi Signal Strength Analysis

All homes have different layouts and often, a single router isn’t enough to get you the coverage you need. Our trained technicians will evaluate your home for WiFi deadspots and work with you to find the areas that matter most, then design a wireless network to meet your needs. Say goodbye to low signal!

High Traffic / Utliziation Management

Does your wifi coverage seem to be fine but your speeds are still lacking? It’s possible your WiFi is completely saturated by the needs of your home and the root issue isn’t you internet service provider, but you having dated equipment, the wrong equipment, or just poorly optimized configurations. Let Techylogic take a look and we’ll find the issue and get you on the right track to tell WiFi slowness goodbye!

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